How To Play Blu-Ray Movie With Forced Subtitles?

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How To Play Blu-Ray Movie With Forced Subtitles?

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A Blu-ray movie not only holds the main video content, movie chapters. The subtitles are also important content which can help user to understand the movie content well. As known to all, Subtitles usually displayed at the bottom of the screen and don’t affect user to enjoy the video frames. Most common type of subtitle is narrative subtitle, in which spoken dialogue is displayed.

Except the narrative subtitle, Forced subtitles is also important which can explain some special language or signs, like: a foreign or alien language, or a sign, flag, or other text in a scene is not translated in the localization and dubbing process. Most condition, user want to play Blu-ray movie with forced subtitles, because the narrative subtitle is usually the local language, user don’t need the explain any more.

How To Play Blu-Ray Movie With Forced Subtitles

Are you struggled to find a solution which can remove the local language subtitle from Blu-ray and keep the forced subtitles at the same time? Here, you can try Pavtube Bytecopy for Mac which can help you to play play Blu-ray movie with forced subtitles, you don’t worry about missing the movie content any more.

At the same time, a wonderful video is usually with perfect subtitles, if you want to make you own video and make use of other movie subtitles, you are lucky here, this software has the magic function: Extract the Blu-ray SRT subtitles from movie, so cool. What’s more, you don’t need to find other software which helps you to add subtitles to video, this software provides the complete subtitles serve, you can add subtitles to video at here, SRT, ASS, SSA are all supported too.

Actually, this Blu-ray ripper has more excellent features, most Blu-ray discs are frail, rip and backup Blu-ray movies to MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV, H.265, M4V, etc is a wisdom choice, you not only can keep the original movie content, also reduce the video size, get rid of Blu-ray disc. Best of all, you can watch Blu-ray movie at anywhere anytime. More information, you can read the review to know more.

Paveikslėlis Paveikslėlis

How To Play Blu-Ray With Forced Subtitles?

Step 1. Load Blu-ray Movie

Insert the blu-ray disc you want to rip with a external Blu-ray drive. Run the Blu-Ray Ripper on Mac, click “BD/DVD Folder” to import standard Blu-ray movie. Once you import the Blu-ray disc to this software, the Blu-ray Ripper can detect the main title automatically. Of course, you can inset the DVD disc too.


Step 2. Set Forced Subtitles for chapters you want to rip.

At the bottom of this Blu-ray Ripper software, there is a Subtitles column, click and open the drop down list, you can see many choices for subtitle language, there are 2 ways for you to do

Way 1. If the Blu-ray only have one subtitle language, like: French, you can select “No Subtitle” in the Subtitles column, you’ll find there are no subtitles when previewing. then check “Force Subtitles” which allows you to remove narrative subtitles and keep the forced subtitles in Blu-ray movie.


Way 2. If there are many different subtitle language in Blu-ray, such as: English, French, Japanese, etc, you just want to keep one to explain forced subtitle content, you can do this: In “Subtitle” pull-down list, choose one language you want to keep, such as: English, then check “Force Subtitle”. After this, you can play Blu-ray with english forced subtitle.


Step 3. Choose Blu-ray output format.

Click “Format” bar to enter the output video format list. There are 250+ output video formats are waiting for you. As Mac user, best choice is to rip Blu-ray with MOV for playing on QuickTime. Best of all, this Blu-ray Ripper can provide the lossless multi-track MKV, you can get 100% high quality Blu-ray movie content.


Step 4. Start Blu-ray with Forced Subtitles Conversion

After the forced subtitle option is finished, you need to go back to the main interface and click “Convert” to start Blu-ray with forced subtitles conversion on Mac. When you are waiting the result, you can watch the video at the preview window.

This Blu-ray Ripper also can support Windows operating system, you can refer to here to play Blu-ray/DVD movie with forced subtitles on Windows. Hope this software can help you to experience the movie.

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